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6. Technology Overview

This section discusses certain key technologies that relate to the application of this reference architecture. They do not represent a part of the architecture per se, but they did influence the architecture and they address important issues that must be considered when using this reference architecture to design or evaluate a TT&C system architecture. The particular technologies described include:

* domain-specific architectures

* local area networks

* middleware

* database

* decision support

* human computer interface

* computer hardware

* security

Domain-specific architectures is a technology for which this reference architecture represents one example. The remaining technologies are essential for the type of distributed system envisioned during the development of this architecture. The state of networking and other hardware technology influenced choices of platform configurations. Middleware and database technology were considered during the development of the software architecture. Finally, AFSPC's desires for fewer and lower skill-level operators make the discussion of decision support and HCI technology appropriate.