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A-2. Mission Planning Assumptions

This architecture assumes a mission planning capability is limited to spacecraft bus SOH and basic orbit and attitude maintenance. The functional components include timeline generation and orbit and attitude maneuver planning capabilities.

The timeline generation function is responsible for consolidating all SOH and maneuver planning requirements into a schedule, containing satellite contacts and planning activities. Satellite contacts on the schedule must be coordinated with the network scheduling function of the RMS (see the architecture defined in [5]). Given a schedule, the timeline generation also builds pass plans for each scheduled contact. These pass plans include telemetry and commanding activities and indicate the commands that must be transmitted (probably in a mnemonic form) and the associated transmission times.

The orbit and attitude maneuver planning functions are activated based on timeline entries. These two functions provide a generalized maneuver planning capability for launch and early orbit, on-orbit, and disposal operations. The attitude maneuver planning supports orbit maneuver planning and attitude anomaly resolution during all phases of the mission.

The SSCS FRD does not levy any timing requirements on the Mission Planning function. Still a responsive system is desired and certain benchmarks are possible. Automated scheduling is one process that will require a workstation-class computer in order to be responsive. In addition, Mission Planning must be interoperable with all other SSCS functions and the RMS.

The mission planning capability described in this appendix has no real-time activities specifically called out. This is not to say that this architecture precludes automation of functions associated with Mission Planning. The primary data communication mechanism, however, is through data stores rather than real-time message passing. Only alerts and certain requests are passed in real time. The result of nearly all mission planning activities is an entry in a Timeline data store which acts as a schedule of contacts and planning activities. This data store drives all such activities, which are performed within mission planning, as well as the other SSCS applications.