USC-CSE Affiliates’ Annual Research Review and

Executive Workshop “Agile Methods Revisited”

March 17-21, 2003

USC Gerontology Auditorium

Los Angeles, CA


Presentations and Binder Materials




Monday, March 17

            7:30 – 8:15 am:    Continental Breakfast [EEB Courtyard]


8:15 – 12noon:      COSYSMO Working Group [EEB Room 248]


12:00  – 1:00 pm: Lunch


          1:00 – 4:20pm:    COSYSMO Working Group session continues



Tuesday, March 18

7:30-8:15am: Continental Breakfast


8:15-10:00am: COCOMO® II Family—Ray Madachy, Chair

            Barry Boehm: Welcome and Overview

            Ray Madachy, Ye Yang, Brad Clark: COCOMO® II. 2003 Recalibration

            Gunjan Sharman: Agile COCOMO® II

            Ricardo Valerdi: COSYSMO Update

            Ed Colbert, Murali Gangadharan: COCOMO® II Security Extensions bio


10:00-10:30am: Break


10:30am-noon: Value-Based Software Engineering (VBSE)—Barry Boehm, 


            Barry Boehm: VBSE Overview

            Li Guo Huang: Tracking Real Earned Value

            Mohammed Al-Said: Value Model-Clash Analysis


Noon-2:00pm: Lunch and Demonstrations

SAL 330           Ye Yang:  COCOTS

SAL 337           Gunjan Sharman:  Agile COCOMO®

SAL 337           Keun Lee:  COCOMO® II

SAL 324           Gustavo Perez:  Opportunity Tree

SAL 324           Scott Chen:  MBASE Archives

SAL HALL      Eric Gradman, Alex Lam:  Inspector SCRover

SAL 332           Steve Meyers:  WinWin Spiral Model Tracking Tool

SAL 318           Paul Sitko:  DART

SAL 324           Hasan Kitapci:  Easy WinWin

SAL 330           Meghna Shah:  COQUALMO

SAL 324           Sachin Shah:  FAA Size DB and Data Gathering Tools

SAL 319          Yue Chen:  Code Counter Enhancements EMS

SAL 319          Yue Chen:  Undergraduate Software Engineering Project Courses

SAL 327          Roshanak Roshandel:  Mae

SAL 327          Marija Mikic-Rakic:  Prism


2:00-3:30pm: Architecture and Mobility—Neno Medvidovic, Chair

            Neno Medvidovic: Reconciling Architectural Discovery and Recovery to Stem

Architectural Erosion

            Nikunj Mehta: Understanding Software Connector Compatibilities

            Roshanak Roshandel:  Mae – A System Model and Environment for

                        Managing Architectural Evolution

                        Marija Mikic-Rakic:  Prism-MW – Adaptable Architectural Middleware for Mobile

          and Resource Constrained Environments


3:30-4:00pm: Break


4:00-5:30pm: Large-Project Research—Winsor Brown, Chair

Barry Boehm: Software Architecture Challenges (CSOS)

Winsor Brown: Future Combat Systems and NASA-HDC Programs

            Ye Yang:  Composable Process Elements for COTS-Based Systems

            Steve Meyers, Gustavo Perez: NASA-HDC Testbed: Inspector SCRover



Wednesday, March 19

7:30-8:15am: Continental Breakfast


8:15-8:25 am: Welcome and Overview

          Barry Boehm (USC)


8:25-9:15am: Book Summary “Balancing Agility and Discipline”

            Barry Boehm (USC), Rich Turner (OSD/GWU)


9:15-9:35am: Discussants’ Remarks

Noopur Davis (SEI), Laurie Williams (NC State)


9:35-10:00am: General Discussion


10:00-10:30am: Break


10:30-noon: Agile Methods Perspectives—Rich Turner, Chair

John Manzo (Agile Tek) bio, Ken Schwaber (ADM), Laurie Williams (NC State)


Noon-1:00pm: Lunch


1:00-2:30pm: Disciplined Methods Perspectives—Winsor Brown, Chair

Noopur Davis (SEI), Art Pyster (FAA), Phillipe Kruchten (Rational)


2:30-3:00pm: Break


3:00-4:30pm: User Perspectives—Ray Madachy, Chair

Peter Hantos (Cons), Mikael Lindvall (FC-MD), Roland Trauter (Daimler Chrysler)     

4:30-5:00pm: Breakout Group Selection


5:00-8:00pm: Affiliates Steering Group Dinner and Meeting

          (Faculty Center)



Thursday, March 20

            7:30-8:15am: Continental Breakfast, Patio


          8:15-8:45am:  Don Reifer (USC/RCI), Scaling Agile Methods: Result of

    Canadian Workshop


8:45-noon: Breakout Groups (Sal 222 & 322, PHE 223 & 631)

                        Candidates (Coordinator; Scribe):

Scaling Up Agile Methods (Don Reifer; Gunjan Sharman)

                                    Creating Lean Disciplined Methods (Winsor Brown; Sachin & Meghna Shah)

                                    Synthesizing Hybrid Agile/Disciplined Methods (Rich Turner; Apurva Jain)

                                    Agile/Disciplined Research Issues (Laurie Williams; Liguo Huang)

                                    Morning Break 10:00-10:30


Noon-1:30pm: Lunch, Gerontology Patio

                        Short Breakout Group Summaries,

Gerontology Auditorium


1:30-5:00pm: Breakout Groups

                                    Afternoon break 3:00-3:30



Friday, March 21

            7:30-8:00am: Continental Breakfast


            8:00-9:30am: Breakout Group Reports, Discussion

                                    Creating Lean Disciplined Methods and Synthesizing Hybrid Agile/Disciplined Methods
                                    Large Scale Agile Distributed Development
                                    Purpose Driven Documentation Research
                                    Research Test Driven Development
                                    Transitioning to Agile


9:30-9:45am: Break


9:45-11:15am: Breakout Group Reports, Discussion


11:15-11:30am: General Discussion, Wrap-up



TSP Principles Watts S. Humphrey

Value-Based Software Engineering: A Case Study Barry Boehm, Li Guo Huang




Gaurav Agarwal - Pranjali Baxi - Benjamin Bei - Meghana Bhatia - Jesal Bhuta - Marguerite Brown - Elizabeth Calleja Rosas - I-Chuan Chen - Yue Chen - Divya Chopra - Ebru Dincel - Eric Hugh Gradman - Calvin S. L. Ho - Karanbir Singh Jassar - "J. P." Jayasankar - Sai Narain Krishnamurthi - Steven Meyers - Imran H. Naqvi - Huzefa Mufaddal Olia - Jungwon Park - Gustavo Perez - Parikshit Pol - Alfred C. Pucay Jr. - Gaurav Rajani - Gunjan Salgia - Siddarth Savara - Meghna Shah - Sachin Shah - Sapan B. Shah - Gunjan Sharman - Siddharth Shaw - Lijuan (Ada) Yang


CD included in binder