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page created 1/14/99 by
Alexander Egyed

  Posters and Informal Research Demos

Wednesday-Thursday, 19-20 May, In Exhibit Hall during Exhibit Hours
Contact: David Redmiles, redmiles@ics.uci.edu, for more information.

Posters and Informal Research Demonstrations provide the opportunity to exhibit late-breaking results and to discuss these results with conference participants. Informal Research Demonstrations are intended for selected work that is very new, in a prototype stage, or otherwise not as fully developed as a formal research demonstration. Informal research demonstrations are also being used by selected presenters who feel their work can be more effectively presented to a small audience. Booths are set aside to allow ongoing demonstrations throughout the conference. Again, we consider any system which is at least six months away from appearing in a commercial product to be a “research system”.

Overview of selected Posters and Informal Demonstrations

Semiautomatic Development of Object-Oriented Banking-Domain Frameworks
Yadran Eterovic (yadran@ing.puc.cl)

Model checking The SCR-Style Requirements Specifications
Wu Guoqing (wgq@whu.edu.cn)

QARCC and S-COST: Aids for Conflict Identification and Resolution among Software Quality Requirements
Hoh In (hohin@sunset.usc.edu)

Software Process Support over the Internet
F. Maurer (maurer@cpsc.ucalgary.ca)

COCOTS Software Integration Cost Model: An Overview
Chris Abts (cabts@sunset.usc.edu)

Applying Formal Methods to a Telecommunications System in a Commercial Setting
Andre Wong (andre@cs.toronto.edu)

Pattern-Oriented Analysis and Design (POAD)
Sherif Yacoub (yacoub@csee.wvu.edu)

A Debug Support System Using Program Slicing Techniques
Shinji Kusumoto (kusumoto@ics.es.osaka-u.ac.jp)

Agent Assisted Cooperative Requirements Specification Development
Gulden Uchyigit (gu1@doc.ic.ac.uk)

OU Learningworks: A Customised Programming Environment of Smalltalk Modules
Mark Woodman (m.woodman@open.ac.uk)

Software Effort and Schedule Estimation Using the Constructive Cost Model: COCOMO® II
Jongmoon Baik (jobaik@sunset.usc.edu)

Pattern-Based Reverse-Engineering of Design Components
Rudolf K. Keller (keller@iro.umontreal.ca)

A. Winsor Brown (awbrown@sunset.usc.edu)

A. Winsor Brown (awbrown@sunset.usc.edu)

A Component Based Java Framework for Distributed Evaluation of SPARC Scientific Libraries
Kwangwoo Nam (kwangjun@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu)

Dali: A Workbench for Software Architecture Reconstruction
S. Jeromy Carriere (sjc@sei.cmu.edu)

Costs and benefits of Applying Formal Methods to Refine an IEEE-Recommended Practice Software Requirement Specifican (SRS) During Requirements Analysis
Brian C. McCurtis (bmccurti@uci.edu)

Knowledge Depot Project Awareness
Michael Kantor (mkantor@ics.uci.edu)

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