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Uses of AbstractHandler in Prism.extensions.connector

Methods in Prism.extensions.connector that return AbstractHandler
 AbstractHandler ExtensibleConnector.getEvtHandler()
          Gets the IHandler of this connector.

Methods in Prism.extensions.connector with parameters of type AbstractHandler
 void ExtensibleConnector.addHandler(AbstractHandler handler)
          Sets the handler of this connector.

Uses of AbstractHandler in Prism.extensions.connector.handler

Subclasses of AbstractHandler in Prism.extensions.connector.handler
 class C2Handler
          C2BasicHandler is an implementation of AbstractHandler for handling events in the manner basic to C2 style connectors handle messages.
 class PipeFilterHandler
 class PubSubHandler

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Methods in with parameters of type AbstractHandler
static ExtensibleConnector StyleFactory.generateConnector(java.lang.String name, int style, AbstractScaffold scaffold, AbstractHandler handler)