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Packages that use IConnector

Uses of IConnector in Prism.core

Classes in Prism.core that implement IConnector
 class Connector
          A connector provides interaction and mediation services to attached components.

Constructors in Prism.core with parameters of type IConnector
Event(java.lang.String name, int eventType, Brick originatingBrick, IConnector handlingBrick)

Uses of IConnector in Prism.extensions.connector

Classes in Prism.extensions.connector that implement IConnector
 class ExtensibleConnector

Uses of IConnector in Prism.extensions.connector.handler

Methods in Prism.extensions.connector.handler that return IConnector
 IConnector PubSubHandler.getParentConnector()

Methods in Prism.extensions.connector.handler with parameters of type IConnector
 void PubSubHandler.setParentConnector(IConnector conn)
          Sets the connector to which this handler belongs
 void PipeFilterHandler.setParentConnector(IConnector conn)
          Sets the connector to which this handler belongs
 void C2Handler.setParentConnector(IConnector conn)
          Sets the connector to which this handler belongs
abstract  void AbstractHandler.setParentConnector(IConnector conn)
          The implementation shall allow the Handler object to set its parent conector.

Uses of IConnector in Prism.extensions.evt

Constructors in Prism.extensions.evt with parameters of type IConnector
ExtensibleEvent(java.lang.String name, int eventType, Brick originatingBrick, IConnector handlingBrick)