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Packages that use Brick

Uses of Brick in Prism.core

Subclasses of Brick in Prism.core
 class Architecture
          Base class for the Prism Architecture.
 class Component
          This class defines the basic Prism component and the send methods that allow any class extending this one to interact with the architecture.
 class Connector
          A connector provides interaction and mediation services to attached components.
 class Port
          Port represents locus of communication in Prism.

Constructors in Prism.core with parameters of type Brick
Event(java.lang.String name, int eventType, Brick originatingBrick, IConnector handlingBrick)

Uses of Brick in Prism.extensions.architecture

Subclasses of Brick in Prism.extensions.architecture
 class ExtensibleArchitecture

Uses of Brick in Prism.extensions.component

Subclasses of Brick in Prism.extensions.component
 class ExtensibleComponent

Uses of Brick in Prism.extensions.connector

Subclasses of Brick in Prism.extensions.connector
 class ExtensibleConnector

Uses of Brick in Prism.extensions.evt

Constructors in Prism.extensions.evt with parameters of type Brick
ExtensibleEvent(java.lang.String name, int eventType, Brick originatingBrick, IConnector handlingBrick)

Uses of Brick in Prism.extensions.port

Subclasses of Brick in Prism.extensions.port
 class ExtensiblePort
          A subclass of Port provides extra functionality on top of Port object.

Uses of Brick in Prism.test.components

Subclasses of Brick in Prism.test.components
 class HelloWorldClient
 class HelloWorldServer