Class BirelayNode

  extended byedu.usc.alfa.xalfa.ast.Node
      extended byedu.usc.alfa.xalfa.ast.NamedNode
          extended byedu.usc.alfa.xalfa.ast.primitive.ConstituentNode
              extended byedu.usc.alfa.xalfa.ast.primitive.BirelayNode

public final class BirelayNode
extends ConstituentNode

A Birelay is a special primitive constituent for bi-directional communication. It provides twoway portal groups and provides predefined behavioral constraints.

Constructor Summary
BirelayNode(java.lang.String ID, java.lang.String name)
          Creates a new instance of BirelayNode
Method Summary
 void accept(edu.usc.alfa.xalfa.visitor.NodeVisitor v)
          The visitor method to analyze xAlfa objects.
 java.lang.String toDebugString(int level)
          Generate debug information for this node.
 java.lang.String toString()
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Constructor Detail


public BirelayNode(java.lang.String ID,
                   java.lang.String name)
Creates a new instance of BirelayNode

Method Detail


public void accept(edu.usc.alfa.xalfa.visitor.NodeVisitor v)
Description copied from class: Node
The visitor method to analyze xAlfa objects. This method is part of the Visitor pattern from GOF.

Specified by:
accept in class Node
v - Node Visitor that wants to visit this node.


public java.lang.String toString()


public java.lang.String toDebugString(int level)
Description copied from class: Node
Generate debug information for this node. Nesting levels are provided so that hierarchical information can be easily debugged. Typically, debugging information includes values of various parameters and the debugging information for internal objects

toDebugString in class ConstituentNode