I was born and raised in Mumbai, India in a northern suburb of Dahisar. This sleepy suburb had a lot of opportunities for me as a kid--open spaces, trees, roads with little traffic and above all plenty of sports. There wasn't a single day when I did not play a sport, cricket and table tennis in the summers, soccer in the monsoons, badminton and volleyball in the winter, with a sprinkling of hockey, cycling, swimming and hiking. Despite my love for the outdoors, I ended up shaping a career in the office parks and cubicles of the US.

My interests in computing and software development had started in high school itself, where I developed education tools for other students in my free time. I also was a voracious reader, and learnt reading and writing Gujarati along with Hindi, Marathi and English.

After high school, I went to an engineering college for my undergraduate degree in the University of Mumbai. There I found that I was ahead of most students in terms of programming skills and managed to win a number of prizes writing software. I also used to win prizes in quiz competitions, and one of my dreams was to participate in a quiz replete with gadgetry of the kind one would find in a TV show. But I was to do even better. I managed to put together a quiz competition for the local IEEE student chapter which had large computer screens for question selection, score cards, timers, electronic buzzers, and the whole shebang. This was one of my most memorable moments of college.

Once I finished college, I decided that I needed further studies, and had two possibilities: join the IIM, a top management school, or go to the US for an MS. I decided in favor of the MS as that would help me build on my core competence which was software. That turned out to be a life-defining decision as I have now spent more than 5 years in the US during which my view of the world has undergone unspeakable changes.

I got married to my sweetheart Pratibha, after a long and patient courtship in 2000. She had just finished doing research for her Ph D in public administration. We both started married life in the US far from our families. Now she has completed an MS in Education with emphasis on Higher Education. We now live in Los Angeles/West Hollywood vicinity with my brother Suhas.

My website also has a small personal album, which is slightly out of date. You can navigate through some of my personal moments in the photographs album, which is a small Java applet and is organized into sections. So just pick up a section and scroll the images in that section. Each picture in this album is approximately 30 kb in size and it may take some time to download depending on your network speed.

Hope you enjoy viewing these pictures just as I have enjoyed putting these on the web. Happy viewing!

Now this album also has my engagement and other pictures from my first trip back to India. Click here to go to the album.

Another album that is more frequently maintained by my wife, Pratibha, can be found here.

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