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4. Software Architecture

Section 4.1 presents a series of high-level views of the reference architecture. This is followed by an example of the software architecture for the Commanding application.

Each of the SSCS applications (Mission Planning, Telemetry, Commanding, Orbit, and Attitude), has a corresponding appendix at the end of this report. These appendices provide the complete software architecture for the subject application.

The software architecture described in the example and Appendices A through E include DFDs, which show a decomposition of the related SSCS FRD functions into notional functional area design and Control Flow Diagrams (CFDs) identifying timing relationships between processes in each system component and indicating where processes are iterative. The appendices also contain additional material as deemed necessary to fully specify the reference architecture.

In Appendix F, an attempt is made to identify key elements in a set of functional APIs for SSCS applications. An excerpt of this material is provided in Section 4.2.3.