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1.3 Document Overview

Section 2 provides a formal definition of a reference architecture and identifies some elements of this particular reference architecture. Section 3 describes the process by which the architecture was developed and describes some ways in which the current state of technology affects the architecture.

Next, Section 4 describes the software architecture by presenting several views of the system components and how they relate to and interact with each other. This discussion is followed by an example of the software architecture for the satellite commanding area. The detailed software architectures for other functional areas are presented as appendices, which also include discussions of applicable assumptions, key issues, and performance drivers.

Section 5 presents a high-level network topology and a breakdown of how the functions can be distributed between servers and workstations to meet the performance goals of the SSCS. An attempt is made to keep this architecture free from implementation details, but availability and reliability must be discussed.

Finally, in Section 6, a number of technology areas are discussed. This information is included here because technologies such as middleware and database management can affect how the architecture is implemented and applied. This information will also give the reader a summary of state of the art and future directions in these areas.