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C-4.4 Command Performance Determination

Figure C-5 depicts the data flow for the Determine Command Performance process. Data originates in the Command Processing Product data store, which provides information on the latest command executed during the pass. This data store is used by Verify/Validate Command to determine the verification method. The Command Eval DB contains the evaluation procedures or knowledge bases for the command. Command verification and validation data is written to Command Status and History. If the command cannot be verified/validated, the command is sent to Resolve Commanding Anomaly. This process reads Commanding Anomaly Resolution KB, which contains a knowledge base or procedures for resolving commanding anomalies. The following describes the processes identified in Figure C-5.

Verify/Validate Command - This function performs verification and validation of the command response. It inputs an identifier of the command to be validated and telemetry for performing decoder check, authentication check, and functional verification check. It may input also a knowledge base or procedure for performing the functional verification process and the command status history. The function generates a verification/validation status (commanded state change) and associated information for each command to the satellite operator and Telemetry. It also generates a request to resolve a commanding anomaly for an unverified or unvalidated command.

Resolve Commanding Anomaly - This function attempts to resolve unverified or unvalidated commands and recommend corrective action. It inputs a request to resolve an unverified or unvalidated command and the Command Anomaly Resolution KB which provides information on what action to take in the event of command failure. It can generate a request for retransmission of the command to Process and Transmit Commands, and a predefined corrective action to be executed by Define Command and Command Procedures in real time. It also generates an SOH activity request to the Timeline data store for unresolvable anomalies and corrective action recommendations to be read by Mission Planning.

Figure C-5. Determine Command Performance data flow diagram.