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B-5. Telemetry Control Flow Diagram

Figure B-7 illustrates the control flow within the Telemetry processing function.

Figure B-7. Telemetry control flow diagram.

During the System Configuration state, telemetry procedures are defined. These procedures are used to configure the telemetry processing system during the Pre-Contact state.

During the Contact state, the telemetry system performs the series of functions shown. The following are non-sequential flows:

* Word ID/Raw Measurand Extraction feeds an entire mainframe or mainframe segment to Assess Data Quality for the quality check

* Form Derived Measurands starts formation of derived measurands and returns to Word ID/Raw Measurand Extraction to obtain additional derived measurand segments

* The Monitor Telemetry process is repeated for each measurand in the telemetry stream

The above iterative processes are included in performance metrics for the respective parent processes.