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B-4.4 Telemetry Conversion

Figure B-5 illustrates the processing flow within the Convert Measurands process. Subprocesses include Form Derived Measurands (1), Apply Algorithms (2), and Assess Data Quality (3).

Figure B-5. Convert Measurands data flow diagram.

Form Derived Measurands - This process performs any concatenation, bit manipulation, and other functions on raw SOH measurands before applying engineering unit conversions.

Apply Algorithms - This process applies engineering unit conversion algorithms to raw and derived SOH measurands. It can also optionally perform limit checking and generate alarms for operator display.

Assess Data Quality - This function performs Cyclical Redundancy Checks (CRC) and assesses quality of data based on quality criteria such as synchronization strategy and value limits. Quality assessments are performed on both mission and SOH data streams.

Outputs from the Convert Measurands process includes Quality Assessed EU Measurands, which is the primary processed telemetry data unit; Data & Alarm, which provides out-of-limit information for operator display; and a Mission/Sensor Quality indicator for the external Mission Data Processing function.