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B-3. Telemetry Information Base Concept

Figure B-1 illustrates the IB relationship for the Telemetry application.

Figure B-1. Information base concept for Telemetry.

The IB includes a database of wavetrain parameters, calibration coefficients, limits associated with telemetry items, and display formats. Display formats are operator-selectable screens for display of tabular and graphical data. In addition, the IB contains a knowledge base, which assists in anomaly detection, anomaly diagnosis, and presentation of alarms to the operator upon detection of out-of-limits conditions. There will also be some mission-unique code needed for converting raw data to engineering units, creating derived measurands, performing quality checks, and other functionality.

Figure B-1 also depicts the layered relationship between information base elements that can be anticipate in the SSCS application. The first layer will contain information needed for the actual telemetry function to perform for any mission. Subsequent layers address specific data required for each mission area, program, block, and satellite. Between layers, the IB may have parameters that can be shared. For instance, the knowledge base for the DSCS III satellite family can be applied to all IRONs in that family, with minor variations based on factory changes between launches or on-orbit experience.