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A-4.2 Timeline Generation

Figure A-3 depicts the data flow associated with the Generate Timeline process. This process accepts mission activity requirements from a variety of sources and consolidates them into a schedule or timeline that includes detailed pass plans. The passes on this schedule are free of any potential RFI conflicts and all passes have been allocated by the RMS.

Consolidate Requirements - This process accepts requirements for orbit maneuvers, attitude maneuvers, SOH support activities, and planning activities, which are compiled from the data stores labeled Orbit Maneuver Parameters, Attitude Maneuver Parameters, Mission Planning Requirements, and Timeline, respectively. The requirements and requests are then formulated into contact requests, planning activity requests, and the basic information needed to generate pass plans. This information is then passed on to the other two processes on the diagram through the Activity data store.

Schedule Resources - This function accepts request for contact time from the Consolidate Requirements process and interacts with the Orbit process and the RMS to create a deconflicted schedule of contact times. This process also schedules planning activities and all in-room resources such as computers, FEPs, and personnel.

Generate Pass Plans - This process uses the schedule out of the Timeline data store and detailed command information from the Consolidate Requirements process to formulate a detailed pass plan with mnemonic indicators of the commands to be transmitted to the vehicle. These pass plans are then associated with the appropriate pass in the Timeline data store.

Figure A-3. Generate Timeline data flow diagram.