Prioritize Win Conditions

Polling in EasyWinWin is used to determine priorities of win conditions and to reveal conflicts and mismatching perceptions among stakeholders.

Stakeholders rate each win condition for each of two criteria: Business importance shows the relevance of a win condition to project success; feasibility indicates perceived technical or economic constraints of implementing a win condition. Developers typically focus on technical issues, while clients and users concentrate on the business relevance. Win conditions are automatically grouped in one of four categories: low hanging fruits (high importance, low expected difficulties), important with hurdles (high priority, difficult to realize), maybe later (low-priority, maybe considered later as easy to realize), and forget them (unimportant, difficult to achieve). These priority tags are useful during a negotiation, e.g., by focusing on elements with high importance or later in a project, e.g., to define the increments in a plan.

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