Negotiate Agreements

Win conditions for which no issues have been raised are usually automatically declared agreements. The group must negotiate a resolution to every issue in the WinWin tree. Often someone in the team has already proposed an option that can be used to resolve the issue. These options typically become agreements. Other issues cannot be resolved easily. These must be negotiated by the old-fashioned way horse-trading, persuasion, lobbying, inventing new options for mutual gain, or give-and-take. However, because the lead-in process tends to be exhaustive, the discussion can be focused, and the available trade-offs are explicit. Because stakeholders are likely to have several automatic wins early in the process, they tend to be willing to make trade-offs with one another. The group continues to work with the goal to achieve a WinWin equilibrium, i.e., all win conditions and options are covered by agreements and there are no outstanding issues. The WinWin tree shows how agreements emerge in a negotiation process and captures the decision rationale.