Identify Issues and Options

Conflict identification and resolution in the WinWin negotiation model is based on capturing Issues, Options, and Agreements. Stakeholders identify these artifacts in several iterations and organize them in a group outlining tool.

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The facilitator first encourages the team members to read each win condition. If it raises any issue the stakeholders capture a candidate issue for the win condition. At this point, the participants may not argue about the issues they raise. The team then converges on the issues for each win condition by analyzing all collected candidate issues. The facilitator then encourages the stakeholders to read each issue. If the stakeholders can think of any options for addressing an issue, they may enter a candidate option for the issue. Participants are still discouraged from arguing about issues or options at this phase. The team then again converges on the options for each issues by analyzing the collected candidate options. The resulting deliverable is called the WinWin tree. It contains all win conditions, some of which will have issues as subheadings, some of which will have options as subheadings.