Converge on win conditions

Brainstorming comments from stakeholders are usually unstructured, redundant, ambiguous, and often vague. The goal of this activity is to jointly develop a list of clearly stated, unambiguous win conditions by considering all ideas contributed in the brainstorming session. Win Conditions are extracted jointly to make sure they are understood by all participating stakeholders and easily communicable to others. The challenge is not to miss any important ideas and at the same time to weed out pointless brainstorming contributions.

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The facilitator prompts each stakeholder in turn to orally frame a succinct statement of a win condition from the brainstorming comments. Typically, several brainstorming statements are merged into one win condition. However, if a statement covers several aspects (e.g., it describes a system service and a system property), it may be split into several win conditions. The facilitator types the win condition onto a publicly-viewable list, and the group discusses the statement to be sure all stakeholders understand its meaning. The group is explicitly prohibited from arguing with or endorsing win conditions at this time. The process continues until no participant can find any new win conditions to add to the list. Stakeholders also organize these win conditions into categories representing the major negotiation topics. Win conditions shall fit the associated topics in the taxonomy and their level of detail should match the overall negotiation purpose.