Theme: Software Cost, Schedule, and Process

Last year's Forum introduced a number of emerging extensions to the COCOMO® II estimation model. These included COCOTS for COTS integration, CORADMO for Rapid Application Development, COQUALMO for quality estimation, and COSSEMO for stagewise schedule and effort estimation. Discussions at the Forum indicated that these and other cost and schedule estimation models need to address the effects of process selection on cost, schedule, and quality. The choice of process objectives (optimize cost, schedule, or quality) and process architectures (waterfall, incremental, evolutionary, spiral) can have significant effects on a product's overall cost, schedule, and quality, and on the distribution of cost and schedule by stage.

This year's Forum particularly solicits presentations addressing these cost/schedule/process issues, either via experience reports or modeling and data analysis.

Besides these topics, the Forum also solicits papers on other software cost estimation-related topics such as cost models for new software approaches (object-oriented, COTS integration, software product lines); software sizing; and relations between software cost estimation and software risk assessment, requirements, architecture, value assessment, and quality assessment.

The program October 26-28 will consist of invited and contributed presentations, tool presentations and demonstrations. Two half-day tutorials are planned for the first day:

A COCOMO® II Affiliates' meeting will be held on the evening of October 26. Persons interested in making a 20 to 30 minute technical presentation or demonstrating a software cost estimation tool should send a 1 to 2 page abstract to:

Ms. LaDonna Pierce

Center for Software Engineering

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA 90089-0781

Phone: (213) 740-5703

Fax: (213) 740-4927


Due date for abstracts: 30 June 1999. Notification to authors: 4 August 1999. Copy of materials due: 15 September 1999. Please send materials in either ascii or as a mail attachment in MS Word.

Persons interested in general participation should contact LaDonna Pierce at USC (213/740-5703; in order to receive a copy of the program and registration form.






October 26-28, 1999


University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA

General Chair:

Barry, Boehm, USC

Program Chair:

Ray Madachy, USC and Litton Guidance and Control Systems

Program Committee:

Bradford Clark, SEI and Software Metrics, Inc.

Sunita Chulani, USC and Rational

Adrian Cowderoy, City University and MMHQ, UK

Richard Fairley, Oregon Graduate Institute

Stuart Glickman, Bellcore

Dan Ligett, Softstar

Don Reifer, RCI


USC Center for Software Engineering and Software Engineering Institute

Associated Event:

COCOMO® II Affiliates' Workshop on Software Cost, Schedule, and Process

Tuesday evening, Oct. 26: Issue discussion, breakout group formation

Thursday afternoon, Oct. 28: Breakout group discussions

Friday morning, Oct. 29: Breakout group findings and recommendations

Both the Workshop and the Forum are free to COCOMO® II Affiliates

List of Current Affiliates:

Commercial Industry (9): Bellcore, EDS, Iconix, Lucent, Motorola, Rational, Sun, TI, Xerox

Aerospace Industry (9): Boeing, GDE Systems, Litton, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon

Government (4): FAA, USAF Rome Lab, US Army Research Labs, US Army TACOM FFRDC’s and Consortia (4): IDA, MCC, SEI, SPC