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Last updated 4/8/1999

This page provides early access technical reports and occassionally draft versions of technical reports for the Affiliates. After a few months, these reports will be available through the regular Electronic Technical Reports link, although we will leave a link from here to that page when we do the move.

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KBSA Life Cycle Evaluation

Barry Boehm and A.Winsor Brown, USC-Center for Software Engineering

Prasanta Bose, George Mason University


The objectives of this research effort have been to develop and validate technical approaches for evaluating the effects of Knowledge Based Software Assistant (KBSA) process concepts and technology on software development effort and schedule, and to use the approaches to perform comparative evaluations of KBSA and other sources of software technology.

These objectives relate to the strong Air Force needs for improved software technology, particularly in areas not well served by commercial software technology. These needs are expressed in such Air Force Scientific Advisory Board studies as New World Vistas [SAB, 1995] and Air Expeditionary Forces [SAB, 1997]. Similar needs have been expressed at the DoD level by recent reviews of DoD/DARPA software technology programs [NAE, 1995; Fox et al., 1995], and the National Research Council "Ada and Beyond" report [NRC, 1997].