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March 13-15, 2002
The Aerospace Corp.
El Segundo, CA
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GSAW2000 GSAW2000


Fifth Ground System Architectures Workshop
February 21 - 23, 2001
The Aerospace Corporation

El Segundo, California

GSAW2001 Program Schedule & Presentations

GSAW2001 is the fifth in a series of annual workshops that facilitate exploration of issues and potential for consensus in software architectures for spacecraft ground systems (SGSs). The annual GSAW provides a forum for SGS users, developers, and researchers to share their experiences through presentations, working groups, and panel discussions. Emphasis is on the dissemination of new ideas and lessons learned in the creation, application, and evaluation of software architectures that meet the technological challenges of SGS development.

The workshop is sponsored by The Aerospace Corporation, in cooperation with the Satellite and Launch Control System Program Office (SLCSPO) of the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), the Center for Software Engineering of the University of Southern California (USC-CSE), and the Software Engineering Institute (SEI).  GSAW2001's affiliation with government and civilian institutions has made this workshop a unique opportunity  to advance the state of practice and research in software architectures for SGSs. GSAW2001 will include a reception where conference presenters will have the opportunity to demonstrate the results of work done in the ground system architecture field.  The reception will include poster displays and limited computer demonstrations of products and tools.

Technical sessions of GSAW2001 will focus on the role of software architectures on the development, operation, and maintenance of reusable and evolvable SGSs.  Specific issues to be addressed include the following:

  • Standards and reference architectures in the development of product lines
  • The impact of well-defined architectures on the reduction of system life cycle costs, including development, upgrades, and sustainment methods for developing and representing ground system architectures
  • Architectures enabling innovative operations concepts in commercial, government, and civilian environments
  • Business cases and acquisition strategies for reusable and evolvable SGS architectures based on product lines, COTS, government products, and reference models
  • Advanced technology needs, including internet technologies, enabling remote access and control of assets and the control of large satellite constellations
Prospective presenters at GSAW2001 should submit abstracts describing results of their work, work in progress, or case studies relevant to one or more of the workshop's focus issues. Abstracts must not exceed three pages in length and should summarize the claims, scope, methodology, and generality of the work.  Abstracts should include a cover page with the following information: (1) title of the abstract; (2) names and affiliations of the author(s); (3) address and telephone number of the contact author; and (4) a list of focus issues addressed in the abstract.

Proposals are also being solicited for working-group sessions on any of the focus issues of the workshop. Proposals must not exceed two pages in length and should contain the following information: (1) title of the session; (2) names and affiliations of the organizer(s); (3) address and telephone number of the contact organizer; (4) a description of the topic and format of the working group; and (5) a list of potential panelists.

All abstracts and proposals must be sent via electronic mail. Accepted abstracts will be the basis for presentations within general sessions or specific working-group sessions at the workshop. All presentations as well as summaries of the working groups will be published in  a CD ROM format and will be available on the GSAW website.

Proposals for poster displays and demonstrations are optional and are required to be accompanied by a presentation abstract or work-group session proposal.  Exhibitors will be selected based on the quality and applicability of their abstract as well as on the demonstration proposal.  A single poster display/demonstration will be allowed per participant.  Demonstration space is limited, and a short time will be allowed for demonstration setup.  Demonstrations should be relatively simple and may include a small amount of computer equipment.  Space and power will not be available for large amounts of computer or other equipment.

Important Dates and Contact Information

  • Deadline for submission of abstracts and proposals:
  • November 13, 2000
  • Notification of acceptance: December 11, 2000
  • Deadline for submission of presentations of accepted abstracts:
  • January 29, 2001
  • Electronic-mail address for submissions and inquiries:
  • URL:
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