21st International Forum on COCOMO® and Software Cost Modeling

Theme: Integrating Systems and Software Costing and Scheduling

Since we are holding our Inaugural Convocation for the expanded USC Center for Systems and Software Engineering during our usual COCOMO®/SCM Forum week of November 7-9, we are taking this opportunity to hold this year’s Forum in the Washington DC area. We are also expanding the Forum’s scope to include systems engineering estimation experiences, and to focus the Forum theme on integrating systems and software costing and scheduling. We will include workshops on our related systems engineering (COSYSMO) and systems of systems integration (COSOSIMO) cost models 

Related Forum topics include extending and integrating models for aspects such as size estimation, agile methods, systems engineering, value-based approaches, facets of quality such as software dependability, etc. We would like to encourage submissions in these and other systems and software estimation related areas as well, including tool demonstration proposals.


General Chair:

Betsy and Brad Clark, Software Metrics, Inc.

Program Committee:

Rick Selby (Northrop Grumman/USC, Chair)

Ricardo Valerdi (MIT/USC)

Winsor Brown (USC)

Sunita Chulani (IBM)

Dan Ligett (Softstar)

Ray Madachy (USC)

Don Reifer (RCI)

Chris Miller (SSCI)

Ed Colbert (USC)

LiGuo Huang (USC)

Jo Ann Lane (USC)

Dan Wu (USC)

Ye Yang (USC)

Sue Koolmanojwong (USC)

Local Arrangements Chair:

Rich Turner (SSCI)


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