Program - CSE, SysE Research Review

March 14, 2006 (Tuesday)

All presentations are 20 min.

CSE, SysE Research Review
7:30am - 8:00am Continental Breakfast
Gerontology (GER) Courtyard
COCOMO® Family
Gerontology(GER) Auditorium
Barry Boehm , Chair
8:00am - 9:40am

COCOMO® II Security Extensions
Ed Colbert (USC) - Download PPT

Ricardo Valerdi (MIT) - Download PPT

Jo Ann Lane (USC) - Download PPT

System Dynamics Modeling of a Spiral Hybrid Process
Ray Madachy (USC), Barry Boehm (USC), Jo Ann Lane (USC) - Download PPT

Reduced-Parameter Modeling (RPM) for Cost Estimation Models
Zhihao Chen (USC) - Download PPT

9:40pm - 10:00pm Break
Gerontology (GER) Courtyard
Value-Based Software Engineering (VBSE)
Gerontology (GER) Auditorium
Ray Madachy, Chair
10:00 - 11:40am

VBSE Theory and SimVBSE
Apurva Jain (USC) - Download PPT

Value-Based Software Quality Achievement Process Modeling
LiGuo Huang (USC) - Download PPT

Value-Based Peer Review
Keun Lee (USC), Molly Phongpaibul (USC) - Download PDF

Pair Development in Traditional Software Process
Molly Phongpaibul (USC) - Download PDF

COCOTS Risk Analyzer and Process Usage
Ye Yang (USC) - Download PPT

USC Affiliates Code Counter News
Winsor Brown (USC), Lori Vaughan (Northrop Grumman), Mathy Pandian (Aerospace Corporation) - Download PPT

11:40am - 1:30pm Lunch and Tool Demonstrations
Salvatori (SAL) 3rd Floor
Gerontology Auditorium
Nenad Medvidovic, Chair
1:30pm - 2:50pm

An Energy Consumption Framework for Distributed Java-Based Systems
Chiyoung Seo (USC) - Download PPT

Tera/Petabyte data distribution architectures
Chris Mattmann (USC) - Download PPT

OTS Integration Analysis using iStudio
Jesal Bhuta (USC) - Download PPT

Security firewall architecture analysis
Yue Chen (USC) - Download PDF

2:50pm - 3:20pm Break
Gerontology (GER) Courtyard
USC Systems Engineering Views
Gerontology Auditorium
Barry Boehm, Chair
3:20pm - 5:00pm

Virtual Reality Simulation
Prof. Bill Swartout (CTO, ICT) - Download RAR

Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events
Prof. Detlof Von Winterfeldt (Director, CREATE Center) - Download PPT

Can Absence Make a Team Grow Stronger?
Ann Majchrzak (GSBA) - Download PPT

Constraint Theory and Applications
Prof. George Friedman (Assoc. Director, SAE) - Download Word

5:30pm - 8:00pm Affiliates' Reception, Dinner, and Steering Group Meeting
University Club (Faculty Center)

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