Overview of CSE Annual Research Review 2006

In preparation for our transition to the Center for Systems and Software Engineering and its Convocation the week of October 23-27 (replacing the COCOMO® forum for this year), our USC-CSE Annual Research Review will be somewhat different this year. On Monday, March 13, we will still have one-day special-topic workshops; current plans include one track on COSYSMO and COSOSIMO and a full day on COCOMO® II Security Extensions. Suggestions for a third workshop are welcome.

On Tuesday, March 14, our Annual Research Review will have three sessions on our recent research results in the areas of cost/schedule/quality models; value-based software (and systems) engineering processes, methods, and tools; and software architectures, plus demos of recent tool advances such as a value-based software engineering educational game and a COTS-based development risk analyzer. Also we will have a session on USC systems engineering research including constraint theory and applications in such areas as virtual reality simulation, homeland security, manufacturing, and construction.

Our Executive Workshop theme will be “Integration Hardware, Software, and Human Factors in Systems Engineering and Development.” Concurrently engineering these three disparate factors can be quite challenging, as can the synchronization of software development processes, hardware development processes, and human operations development processes. On Wednesday, March 15, we will have USC and Affiliate presentations on the theme and topics, and on Thursday, March 16, we will have three working group sessions assessing capabilities, needs, gaps, and research priorities. Candidate topics are (1) Synchronization of hardware, software, and human factors engineering and development; (2) role of agile methods in dealing with rapid and unpredictable change; and (3) improving acquisition, outsourcing, and co-development processes. We will experiment with having the working group reports on Thursday afternoon, as people often don’t stay for Friday morning sessions.