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Welcome to USC-CSE's Annual Research Review 2005

As you'll see from the presentations and other materials on this website, the USC Center for Software Engineering has had a busy, productive, and high-impact year. We hosted and made strong contributions to the major international conferences on COTS-based systems and empirical software engineering. Our Balancing Agility and Discipline book has been helping Affiliates and others better assess and integrate agile methods and principles into their practices. Our Win-Win Spiral model is increasingly being used for Systems engineering as well as software engineering, from medical equipment to supersystems such as Future Combat Systems. Our architecture research is having interesting practical applications to legacy software reverse engineering. Our High Dependability Computing robot testbed and value-based dependability framework are helping organizations develop better strategies for developing cost-effective dependable software and systems. We have had a lead role and contributions to an upcoming new book on Value-Based Software Engineering , and some exciting new results on value-based peer reviews. We look forward to sharing, discussing, and further learning from you how to make our future extensions of these results even more useful.