FAA Information Technology- Information Systems Security R&D Workshop
May 6th - 8th 2003
Mitre-2 Facility, 7515 Colshire Dr. McLean, VA


The Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA's) Office of the Chief Scientist for Information Technology (AIO-4) is pleased to invite you to participate in the Information Technology (IT) - Information Systems Security (ISS) Research and Development (R&D) Workshop, which will be held on May 6-8, 2003. The purpose of the IT-ISS R&D Workshop is to:

  • Identify IT & ISS R&D initiatives for the special needs of the FAA for the next 5 years.
  • Discuss future FAA requirements that will impact our IT-ISS research agenda.
  • Discuss avenues for collaborative R&D with other government agencies and research establishments.

The outcome of this workshop will be a documented and focused strategy for conducting IT and ISS research. The goal of this workshop is to identify and assess key areas of research for the next 5 years. Four major areas of thrust will be investigated:

  • Real Time Intrusion Protect, Detect, Response, and Recovery in the National Air Space System (with added emphasis on response and recovery)
  • Integrity and Confidentiality in the Mobile Environment - especially air/ground and terrestrial wireless
  • Trustworthy Systems from Untrustworthy Components with Untrustworthy Actors
  • Information Technology (e.g., Seamless Communications, Knowledge Management, and Enterprise Architecture)

The first day will consist of a review of current research initiatives. The second day will be working breakout sessions to discuss the above key areas for research. The morning of the third day will present outbriefs from the breakout sessions.

This workshop represents a significant first step in framing IT-ISS research agendas for the FAA and other government agencies in critically important areas.