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18th International Forum on
COCOMO® and Software Cost Modeling

Center for Software Engineering, University of Southern California

October 21-24, 2003, Los Angeles, CA

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Conference Theme:

Software Sizing Metrics in Light of Recent Systems/Software Engineering Trends

The topic of this year's Forum is Software Sizing. We are going to explore Software Sizing Metrics in Light of Recent Systems/Software Engineering Trends. Trends such as visual programming, object-oriented methods, stories as requirements, COTS-based systems, and legacy software are topics of particular interest. The forum will begin with tutorials on key sizing issues, including Koni Thompson of the David Consulting Group discussing how to deal with evolving standards in Function Point/Lines of Code ratios.

Other highlights of the Forum will include a discussion of an in-process COCOMO®II.2003 calibration to about 40 more data-points; availability of Agile COCOMO® II, a simple web-based analogy-estimation version of COCOMO® II for small and agile-methods projects; and early versions of two COCOMO® II extensions for estimating ROI's for investments in software product lines and information system dependability. Associated workshops will cover evolving USC and other research on models for sizing, system engineering cost estimation, elaboration of cost driver definitions, and costs of developing secure software.

Tuesday, October 21
AM: Sizing tutorials, General COCOMO® suite tutorials
PM: Forum sessions, Affiliates' dinner and Workshop kickoff (530-8pm)

Wednesday, October 22
Forum sessions; Tools Fair (5-7pm); LA SPIN meeting (7-815pm)

Thursday, October 23
Affiliates' workshop breakout groups

Friday, October 24
Workshop breakout group reports (ends 11:30 am)


   General chair:
      Barry Boehm, USC-CSE

     LaDonna Pierce, USC-CSE

   Program Committee:
      Sunita Chulani (IBM; Chair)
      Ray Madachy (Cost Xpert Group/USC)
      Chris Abts (TAMU/USC)
      Winsor Brown (USC)
      Brad Clark (Software Metrics)
      Dan Ligett (Softstar)
      Don Reifer (RCI)
      Jongmoon Baik (Motorola)