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18th International Forum on
COCOMO® and Software Cost Modeling

Center for Software Engineering, University of Southern California

October 21-24, 2003, Los Angeles, CA

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18th COCOMO®/SCM Forum Agenda


Tuesday, October 21st:


7:30-8:00      Continental Breakfast


8:00-11:30    Sizing tutorial,

General COCOMO® suite tutorials – moderator Dr. Barry Boehm

Koni Thompson, David Consulting Group;            

Evolving Standards in Function Point/Lines of Code Ratios


11:30-12:30 Lunch


12:30-1:50    Sizing – moderator Winsor Brown

JoAnn Lane, San Diego State U

Learning to Size Software:  Experiences in the Classroom

Jairus Hihn, Karen Lum, JPL;

Improving Software Size Estimates by

Using Probabilistic Paired Ratio Comparison Matrices

Anca Juliana Stoica,  Royal Inst. Technology, Sweden;

An Internet-Intranet Solution for Software System Sizing Based on Use Cases


1:50-2:10      Break


2:10-3:30      Sizing – moderator Winsor Brown

Richard Stutkze, SAIC;

Do Specification Characteristics Correlate with Delivered Software Size?

Yue Chen, Ray Madachy, USC;

Results of eServices Product Sizing Metric Correlations

Chris Miller, SPC;

Systems Engineering Size Measures

Lee Fischman, Galorath; Daniel V. Ferens, AFRL/IFEA;

Critical Mass: Estimating software size from use case points and requirements repositories


3:30-3:50      Break


3:50-5:10      Panel: Model Vendor Approaches to Function Point/SLOC Backfiring – moderator Dr. Barry Boehm

Panelists: Lee Fischman, Galorath; Dan Ligett, COSTAR; Ray Madachy, CostXpert; Arlene Minkiewicz, PRICE S (invited), Larry Putnam, SLIM (invited)


5:30-8:00      Affiliates’ dinner and Workshops kickoff (Faculty Center)

18th COCOMO®/SCM Forum Agenda


Wednesday, Oct 22nd :


7:30-8:00      Continental Breakfast


8:00-9:40      COCOMO® II Extensions – moderator Dr. Barry Boehm

Dan Strickland, Dynetics; Pam McDonald, Charles Wildman, THAAD Project Office

NOSTROMO: Using Monte Carlo Simulation to Model Uncertainty Risk in COCOMO® II

                        Ye Yang, Ricardo Valerdi, USC;

Initial COCOMO® II.2003 Data Analysis

Michael Douglas, U. Of So. Florida;

The Impacts of the Handoffs on Software Development

Ye Yang, Ricardo Valerdi, USC;

Revisiting the COCOMO® II SCED Cost-Schedule Driver

Rick Hefner, Northrop Grumman;

Use of Historical Data by High Maturity Organizations



9:40-10:10    Break


10:10-11:50  COCOMO® II Extensions; Systems Engineering – Don Reifer

                        Brad Clark, SoftwareMetrics:

COCOMO® Rating Scale Elaborations

Barry Boehm, Winsor Brown, Ray Madachy, Ye Yang, USC;

COPLIMO:A Product-Line Investment Analysis Model

Lee Fischman, Mike Ross, Galorath;

A Normalized Use Case Metric

Ricardo Valerdi, USC; Michael Ernstoff, Raytheon; Paul Mohlman, Aerospace; Don Reifer, USC-RCI; Evin Stump, Galorath;

Systems Engineering Sizing in the Age of Acquisition Reform

                        Ricardo Valerdi;



11:50-12:50  Lunch


12:50-1:50    Value-Based Modeling – moderator Dr. Barry Boehm

                        Ray Madachy, USC-CostXPert,

A Value-Based Software Product Model

LiGuo Huang, Barry Boehm, Apurva Jain, USC;

iDAVE: Information Dependability Attribute Value Estimation

Sunita Chulani, IBM;

Metrics for Managing Customer View of Quality: Recent Results


1:50-2:20      Break

18th COCOMO®/SCM Forum Agenda


Wednesday, Oct 22nd (Cont’d):


2:20-4:00      Data Analysis – moderator Sunita Chulani

Ed Colbert, USC;

COCOMO® II Security Extensions

Xishi Huang, U. of W. Ontario, Canada;

An Intelligent Approach to Software Cost Prediction

                        Linda Brooks, Northrop Grumman;

Costing COTS Integration: Summary

* This will be a brief overview of the presentation.  The full presentation will be presented during the LA SPIN Meeting.

Don Reifer, USC-RCI;

Industry Cost and Quality Benchmarks

Richard Selby, Northrop Grumman;

Management Use of Software Cost and Productivity Measures


4:00-5:00      Tool Demo Descriptions – Winsor Brown



5:00-7:00      Reception and Tools Fair, 3rd Floor, Henry Salvatori Bldg.


7:00-8:15      LA SPIN Meeting

                        Linda Brooks, Northrop Grumman;

Costing COTS Integration

** Please refer to presentation in the Data Analysis Section

18th COCOMO®/SCM Forum Agenda


Thursday October 23rd :


7:30-8:00      Continental Breakfast


8:00-9:40      Workshop breakout groups

                        Tentative Breakout Groups:

                        Sizing Workshop – Winsor Brown and Yue Chen Moderating

                                    SAL 222

                        COSYSMO Workshop – Ricardo Valerdi and Jesal Bhuta Moderating

                                    Powell Hall Room 223

                        Elaborating Cost Drivers Workshop – Brad Clark and Ye Yang Moderating

                                    SAL 322

                        Security Workshop – Ed Colbert and Danni Wu Moderating

                                    Powell Hall Room 631


9:40-10:10    Break


10:10-12:00  Workshop breakout groups


12:00-1:00    Lunch


1:00-3:00      Workshop breakout groups


3:00-3:20      Break


3:20-5:00      Workshop breakout groups




Friday October 24th :


7:30-8:00      Continental Breakfast


8:00-11:30    Workshop breakout group reports