DoD Software Engineering Science and Technology Summit
August 7-9, 2001, Los Angeles, CA

Tuesday, August 7:

Opening Session, 8-10am. Chair: Dr. Barry Boehm, USC-CSE

Dr. Jack Ferguson, OSD (AT&L)-SIS, DoD Software Engineering S&T Challenges
Dr. Janos Sztipanovits, DARPA, Information Technology Futures for DoD
Dr. Barry Boehm, USC-CSE, Summary of NSF and NCO Software Engineering S&T Workshops
Dr. Steve Cross, SEI, A Technology Transition View of DoD SE S&T Needs

DoD Perspectives Panel, 10:30am-12:30pm. Chair: Dr. Jack Ferguson, OSD (AT&L)-SIS

Eugene Crostley, USA-CECOM, Col. William Nelson, USAF, Mike Soboe (USA-TACOM), Dr. Doug Schmidt DARPA, Linda Roush, USN- China Lake

Lunch, 12:30-1:25pm.

Welcome, 1:25-1:30pm.

Prof. Max Nikias, Dean, USC School of Engineering

Industry Perspectives Panel, 1:30-3:00pm. Chair: Frank Belz, TRW

Jim Sturges (Lockheed Martin), Dr. Dennis Frailey (Raytheon), Tony Jordano (SAIC), Walker Royce (Rational), Don Winter (Boeing)

Research Perspectives Panel, 3:30-5:00pm. Chair: Neno Medvidovic, USC

Dr. Mike Evangelist (UMaryland), Dr. Gregor Kiczales (UBC), Dr. Lee Osterweil (UMass), Dr. Bill Scherlis (CMU), Dr. Kevin Sullivan (UVirginia)

Working Groups Formation, 5:00-5:30pm.

Candidate Working Groups-Coordinators; *USC Facilitators

1. Software Product Engineering Needs and S&T Strategies - Dr. Bill Scherlis*, Don Reifer*, Dr. Dan Port, LiGuo Huang - Presentation
2. Software Process Engineering Needs and S&T Strategies - Tony Jordano*, Dr. Lee Osterweil*, Winsor Brown, Jasmine Zhang - Presentation & Issues vs. Concerns
3. Software Management Technology Needs and S&T Strategies - Christine Davis*, LG(ret) Peter Kind*, Chris Abts, Mohammed Al-Said - Presentation & BMWR Matrix
4. Software Engineering Technology Transition Needs and S&T Strategies - Dr. Steve Cross*, Rich Turner*; Ed Colbert, Cyrus Fakharzadeh - Presentation & Plugin

Dinner at Wyndham Checkers, downtown LA, 6:30-8:30pm.

Wednesday, August 8

Working Group Context-Setting (Plenary, 8-9:15am)

Working Groups Convene, 9:30am-12noon

Lunch and Working Group Status Reports, 12noon-1:30pm

Working Groups Convene, 1:30-5pm

Thursday, August 9

Working Group Reports, 8:00-9:30, 10-10:30am

General Discussion, Next Steps 10:30-11:30am

· Including relative prioritization of the working group areas

Working Group Objectives
· Assess and prioritize needs in the area
· Assess and prioritize candidate DoD S&T initiatives in the area. Try to characterize each candidate initiative as follows:

· Missing S&T
· Good Ideas
· DoD Outcome Without Missing S&T
· DoD Outcome With Missing S&T

· Identify candidate DoD S&T Grand Challenge Problems to serve as motivators and testbeds
· Identify near-term (1-3 years to payoff), mid-term (3-5 years to payoff), and long-term (over 5 years to payoff) S&T strategies for best meeting the prioritized needs in the area