SEI/USC Workshop
September 13-15, 2000
Software Engineering Institute
Washington Office, Arlington, VA
Sponsored by Dr. Delores Etter
(Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Science and Technology))

Purpose: This workshop, second in a series, is being held in response to recent changes in Government policy emphasizing evolutionary acquisition. During this workshop we will explore the relationship between spiral development and evolutionary acquisition. We ask the question, "How can federal organizations use both to improve the overall acquisition process?" Evolutionary Acquisition extends the risk management aspects of spiral development to earlier stages of the transition from raw technology to deployed system. Early steps are taken to ensure that readiness for a technology is achieved before it is slated for a full development effort.

Description: The two and a half-day workshop will be held on September 13-15 at the SEI offices in Arlington, VA. Major speakers of the Workshop will include: Dr. Dolores Etter, Dr. Jack Ferguson (Director of Software Intensive Systems, OSD), Dr. Barry Boehm, Director of the USC Center for Software Engineering, and Dr. Steve Cross, Director of the Software Engineering Institute.

The workshop will concentrate on the application of spiral development within the context of
evolutionary acquisition. The sessions will be organized around the following key issues:

   Canonical definition of evolutionary acquisition
   Successful strategies for evolutionary acquisition
   The mapping between spiral development and evolutionary acquisition
   Institutional barriers to evolutionary acquisition and spiral development
   Practical steps necessary to operationalize spiral development and evolutionary acquisition.

The first day of the workshop will comprise presentations from experts and practitioners. On the second day the participants will divide into breakout groups to address the above issues. The third day will be used for presentation of results from the breakout groups.

Attendance: The workshop should be of particular interest to DoD Program Managers and contractors with a significant interest in Government business. Space for the workshop is limited. All information about this workshop, including the online application form and proceedings of the first workshop is to be found at

For more information, contact Fred Hansen at the SEI.
Phone: 412 268-8247