Abstract in electronic format: August 14, 1998
Full paper: August 28, 1998
Technical papers should describe innovative and significant work in the research and practice of software engineering. Papers are collected in an archival, refereed conference proceedings, published by IEEE/ACM, which is cited and read by researchers and practitioners world-wide. Accepted papers are presented at the ICSE conference, which is expected to draw over 1000 people.

The software engineering community consists of researchers and professionals from many different disciplines and intellectual traditions. The conference attempts to cover the full range of topics relevant to this community, including software engineering principles, theories, techniques, tools, and experiences (see also the topics in the conference structure).

Each submitted paper will be reviewed by members of the program committee. Final decisions on paper acceptance will be made at a program committee meeting, where the committee as a whole will review and discuss the recommendations made by the reviewers. Papers will be evaluated on the basis of originality, importance of contribution, soundness of rationale or demonstration, quality of written and graphic presentation, and appropriate comparison of results to relevant research and literature.

The ICSE web pages (icse99.html) contain more detailed instructions, which should be consulted before submitting a paper. In brief, you should follow the following steps to submit a paper.
1. Electronic Submission of Title, Authors and Abstract (Required): The title, authors, abstract, and keywords of each submission must be transmitted by email to or submitted via this web page by the deadline for abstracts shown above. The abstract must be plain text only – no markup languages, binhex, or binary files. Abstracts are limited to 200 words.
2. Submission of Full Papers: Six copies of the paper must be sent to the address listed below. Electronic submissions will not be accepted. Submitted papers must conform to the ICSE Conference Proceedings format (templates are available through the ICSE web pages; submissions of technical papers may vary slightly from the final proceedings format). Papers may be no longer than 10 pages, including references, appendices and figures.

November 15, 1998

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