August 28, 1998

The aim of the ICSE panels is to stimulate discussion about ideas and issues of importance to the software engineering community. Panels may emphasize complex technical issues, or they may provide an opportunity to air views and address controversies through informed debate. Suitable topics for discussion include pressing issues in software engineering theory and practice, emerging industrial trends and enabling technologies, and professional, organizational, and social issues associated with software engineering. Panels last about ninety minutes and can be organized in many formats.

Panel proposals will be reviewed by the program co-chairs. We are looking for stimulating and timely proposals that focus on topical issues and include well-informed and engaging panelists. We encourage proposals of original panel formats that will engage the panelists and audience in lively and substantive discussions. Feel free to contact the panel chair, Jeff Kramer, in advance to discuss your proposal.

Brief panel proposals (two pages or fewer) should be sent via plain text e-mail to the address below. The proposal should contain the following:

  1. A description of the topic, stating the issues to be discussed, and their relevance to software engineering.
  2. A description of the panel format, stating how the panel will be conducted and why the proposed format is suitable for the proposed topic.
  3. A list of the panelists and their credentials.

November 15, 1998. Accepted panels will have 2 pages for a Proceedings-format summary in the Proceedings.

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