As part of the technical programme of the International Conference on Software Engineering 1999 we are organising a case studies track. The case studies track will form an important part of the technical programme with case study papers appearing alongside standard technical papers.

We are seeking suitable case studies for the track. A case study is an account of the application of software engineering techniques, tools and processes to a specific domain or the development of a significant software system.

We distinguish two case study threads loosely termed experience reports and exemplars. Experience reports give an account of a significant project accompanied by a critical review of the experience and some general lessons to be drawn from the experience. Exemplars describe the architecture of a system accompanied by a rationale for the key design decisions, it should be organised in such a way that the design can be used by other practitioners. For exemplars we are interested in exhibiting significant examples of software architecture which can be used for study and insight.

In each case there are two key elements to a case study: a detailed account of a specific development; and, instructive general lessons that can be drawn from that development. We expect a case study to show critical insight irrespective of whether it provides a postive or negative report.

We are particularly concerned that case studies be presented in a clear and straightforward style and place particular emphasis on ensuring that, to the extent possible, the case study is self-contained.

August 28, 1998

As a working assumption such case studies should be about 10 pages, the same length as a ICSE technical paper though we are amenable to extending the length of good case studies so as to include relevant descriptions of context and significant detail. All Case Studies will be reviewed by members of the Programme Committee and it is anticipated that successful papers may have to be revised. The Track Chairs would be very happy to discuss potential submissions with anybody interested and to provide guidance on the content and style of case studies.

November 15, 1998

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