Problem due in two weeks (September 21):

Use the existing Brooks’s Law model as a basis or create your own similar version for the homework enhancements

Part 1: add a pause to the simulation when all requirements are developed

this will correct the model from running overtime

Part 2: make the model scalable for larger team sizes up to 60 people

make several runs to test the model and show your results

Part 3: add a simple feedback loop that controls personnel allocation rate by comparing actual production to planned production

the existing model covers actual production

the planned production assumes a constant development rate, with all 500 function points completed at 200 days

add logic for a one-time only correction when the difference between actual and planned is 65 function points

run the model and show the results for adding 0, 5, 10 and 20 people

Part 4: add the effects of partitioning to the resulting model in part 3

you may use the handout data from Conte et al. and Briand et al. to help develop and/or test your model

make several runs to test the model and show your results

now what is the optimal addition of people?

your model is now the world’s best illustration of Brooks’s Law

Fully document your model enhancements, your validation results, and any lessons learned about modeling and/or software process dynamics