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GSAW 2013 Working Group Chair Guide

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Working Groups will be held March 20, 2013

Dear Working Group Chair,

Thank you for considering chairing a working group on March 20 at GSAW 2013. This guide describes the responsibilities of the chair. It will help you in submitting a proposal, planning your session, and is intended to maximize the benefit of your session to GSAW 2013 as a whole. Please review this information and contact or 310-336-0454 if you have any questions.

Note: If your working group has multiple chairs, only two chairs will be listed in the GSAW program.

Proposal Submission: Submit a proposal to by Oct. 22, 2012 for a working group session related to any of the focus issues of the workshop. Make sure you understand the responsibilities listed below prior to submitting your proposal. Proposals should not exceed three pages in length and should contain the following information:
    1. Title of the working group
    2. Names and affiliations of the organizer(s)/chair(s)
    3. Address, email and telephone number of the organizers
    4. A description of the topic and format of the working group
    5. If applicable, a list of potential panelists

The GSAW Program Committee will review your submission and notify you of your acceptance or nonacceptance on Nov. 19, 2012.

Format: You may follow any format you wish as long as it fits within the allotted half-day schedule. You may permit presentation of charts by attendees, a panel discussion, free-form discussion, or a combination. In the past, surveys given to attendees have shown that a discussion forum is preferred over a format full of presentations. A healthy exchange of opposing viewpoints is encouraged and provides the most productive results. In any case, working group chairs are asked to control the session and keep it moving.

In reviewing abstracts, the Program Committee may identify speakers they deem might make a contribution to your working group. These abstracts will be forwarded to you for your review. Accepting these into a working group is entirely at the discretion of the working group chair. If any such abstracts get forwarded to you, please notify us as soon as possible as to whether you accept or reject the presenter.

Schedule: As chair, you are asked to participate in the following activities:
• Wednesday, March 20
    o 1:00pm Working group session start
    o 3:00pm Break/Refreshments
    o 3:15pm Working group resumes
    o 5:00pm End of session
• Thursday, March 21
    o 7:15am-8:15am Breakfast with panelists
    o 11:00am Working Group outbrief (approximately 5 minutes)

During the session, you may call for a short break as desired but you must have the 15-minute break from 3:00-3:15. At this time, working group attendees will be permitted to change rooms and attend the second half of another working group if they wish. If there are a significant number of new attendees after the break, you are asked to provide a quick summary on the discussion that occurred in the first half of the session. The session then continues until the end of the day. More details on the other activities follow.

Panelist/Working Group Chair Breakfast: We will be hosting a breakfast on Thursday, March 21, at the hotel’s restaurant for the panelists and working group chairs. The purpose of the breakfast is for you to inform the panelists about what occurred in your working group which will help them prepare for their discussion. This is a great opportunity to speak with the panelists and a small token of our appreciation of your contribution to GSAW 2013.

Plenary Outbrief: On Thursday morning, March 21, at approximately 11:00am, you will be given approximately 5 minutes to brief the results of your session to the GSAW assembly in the main plenary room. After your session concludes on Wednesday, create a PowerPoint 2003 or 2007 presentation about your session. When completed, please do two of the following:

• Place your outbrief file in a folder called FINAL OUTBRIEF on the desktop of main laptop used for your working group
• Email the outbrief file to before 10:00pm Wednesday evening
• Place file on a flash memory drive and give file to the Program Committee contact (seated at the front of the room) any time prior to 11:00am

As chair, if you are unable to present the outbrief, it is your responsibility to designate an outbrief presenter from your working group. This person will then be responsible for how the outbrief file is made available.

Contributor Point of Contact: You are the GSAW 2013 point of contact for the speakers in your session. Please introduce yourself by contacting each of them by phone and/or email.

Registration and Hotel: In appreciation of the special effort that you will be making in putting together your working group session, we are happy to provide one complimentary registration to GSAW 2013. The registration and hotel info can be found at If you have not already registered, please do so. When registering on the website, for “Registration Type” please choose “Invitation - Restricted.” Enter “WG” in the special code box. This will ensure that you are not charged the registration fee. You should also ensure that each presenter in your session registers for GSAW via the website and that they have made the necessary hotel reservations. (Note: Only you are eligible to receive the complimentary registration to attend GSAW.) Remind your presenters that they should mention “GSAW” if they are staying at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles so they can get the special rate.

Collect Presentations and Release Forms: Chairs are asked to collect any presentation charts from session participants and forward them to by Feb. 1, 2013. Chairs are also asked to ensure that presenters complete and sign the Speaker Release and Consent Form. A copy of this form is available on the GSAW website and will be sent to you as well. This form allows us to include presentation slides, if any, and working group results on the GSAW website. The signed form can be faxed to 310-563-2432 Attention: GSAW 2013. Although we do expect to receive presentations and release forms after the deadline, it does cause logistical difficulties for the GSAW organizers and is discouraged. If you do receive any late presentations, please get them to a Program Committee member as quickly as possible.

Presenter Guidelines: You must ensure that each presenter in your session understands the general presentation guidelines as well as any specific requirements you require in your working group. A copy of the presentation guidelines is being provided to you. You may forward this to your session’s presenters along with any additional information such as:
• Description of the format of your working group
• Amount of time they will have to speak
• Describe the theme of the session (i.e., help them tailor their presentations to best fit your session)
• Any other information to help facilitate your session

In addition to signing the Speaker Release and Consent Form, the following copyright statement will need to be put on the title page of every presentation that will be published in the GSAW proceedings:
© 2013 by presenter’s organization. Published by The Aerospace Corporation with permission.

The preceding statement is not to be used with charts that are prepared by employees of The Aerospace Corporation. The statement that will appear on the title page of charts prepared by an employee of The Aerospace Corporation and published in the GSAW proceedings will be:
© 2013 The Aerospace Corporation

Location: The actual room location to be used by your working group session will be assigned based on the number of attendees.

Resources: In each of the working group rooms we will provide:
• Two notebook computers with Windows 7, Office 2007, CD-ROM, and USB port. Each computer will have a full set of GSAW working group presentations. The second notebook computer can act as a backup and can be used for note taking during the session. Network connectivity is not being provided.
• Computer projector
• Easel and blank flipchart pad with markers
If you plan on bringing your own equipment (e.g., notebook, projector, or drive) for your presentation, please notify us in advance so that we can identify potential problems.

Deadlines: Please note the following deadlines for material submissions. Please send your material to
Upon Acceptance – Submit working group description paragraph (4-5 sentences) for inclusion on website
Feb. 1 – Submit working group preview/poster charts and speaker presentations for inclusion on working group computers and GSAW website. If you have updated the description paragraph previously submitted for the website, resubmit it to us by this date for inclusion on the program.

We appreciate your interest in GSAW 2013. With your participation, we look forward to a very successful workshop!

GSAW 2013 Program Committee


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