Tutorial F
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Theme: Achieving Operationally Responsive Ground Systems

Tutorial F
Agile Development --> Agile Acquisition?
Half Day
8 A.M. - 11:30 A.M.
Competitive pressures and the economic turmoil of the 1990s forced software companies to re-examine their software development processes and often adopt radical approaches that were believed to be necessary for rapid delivery. As a result, the software industry has been flooded with buzzwords associated with various “new” terms, such as “internet time”, “lean”, “extreme”, and “agile”, to mention only a few. This tutorial is a response to the growing encroachment of these buzzwords into the lexicon and methodology of the defense acquisition community. Through a detailed introduction to the two best-known agile development methods, Extreme Programming and Scrum, we will lay the foundation for a critical analysis of the agile concepts. The tutorial’s objective is to explore what agility means in this context, and to investigate the extent to which these development methods support agile acquisition and to determine if the methods the agile camp’s representatives propose in fact support our acquisition needs as they are outlined in the 2006 DAPA (Defense Acquisition Performance Assessment) Report. In addition to weapons’ acquisition and software, we will discuss building construction, rugby, psychology, and other stimulating topics. There will also be ample opportunity to voice your opinion.
Peter Hantos, The Aerospace Corporation

Dr. Peter Hantos is currently Senior Engineering Specialist in the Software Acquisition and Process Department of the Software Engineering Subdivision at The Aerospace Corporation. He has over 30 years of experience as manager, software engineer, professor, and researcher. Prior to joining Aerospace, as Principal Scientist at the Xerox Corporate Engineering Center, he developed corporatewide engineering processes for software-intensive systems. Earlier, as Department Manager, he directed all aspects of quality for several laser-printer product lines. Dr. Hantos has authored over 50 technical publications and presentations. He holds MS and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Budapest, Budapest, Hungary.

Who Should Attend:
The tutorial is introductory in nature, and targeting a broad audience of people in both acquisition and product development environments. There are no formal, topical pre-requisites, just a basic familiarity with the system and software development process; all concepts introduced are discussed methodically, in a bottom-up fashion, in detail. Program office personnel, project managers, executives, process architects, and software engineers can all benefit from the tutorial with, of course, amplifications on slightly different areas of the material.

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