Tutorial D
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Theme: Achieving Operationally Responsive Ground Systems

Tutorial D
Introduction to Net-Centricity
Full Day
8 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.
Advances in information technologies have radically altered the modern battlefield. This was initially asserted in 1996 with the release of Joint Vision 2010, which introduced the concept of Network-Centric Warfare (NCW) and placed networks with their ability to disseminate information quickly at the center of military strategy during next decade. NCW was further refined in 2000 with Joint Vision 2020, which reinforced the concept that an information advantage translates to a competitive advantage and identified the Global Information Grid (GIG) as a key enabler to this concept, “Information Superiority.” The concept is that our success in the information age hinges upon the recognition that information is our greatest source of power.

These changes in Defense strategies have introduced a number of challenges for National Security Space (NSS) programs who are wrestling with what it means to be “net-centric.” In addition, NSS programs must consider various implementation strategies for leveraging advances in information technologies. Furthermore, the technologies to achieve net-centricity are at various stages of maturity. In this tutorial, the concept of net-centricity will be introduced. Key enabling technologies will be presented in accordance with the Net-Centric Checklist Design Tenets: Services, Data, Transport (networks), and Information Assurance.

In addition, the way forward will be described. This will include the Transformation Satellite (TSAT) program and GIG interaction as well as Net-Centric Implementation Document development, a snapshot of net-centric governance, and implementation strategies employed by several programs.
Scott Boone, Ivan Filippenko, Judy Kerner, Craig Lee, Bob Lindell, Leo Marcus, Mary Nichols, Matthew Presley, Eltefaat Shokri, Brian Tung, The Aerospace Corporation


Who Should Attend:
Target audience (preferred 40 or less) includes program management, engineering and support staff. Participants will gain a broad knowledge of net-centricity, the enablers (e.g., service-oriented architecture, web services, data discovery, ontologies, multi-policy security, policy based network management), net-centric governance, and paths to adoption.

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