Tutorial D
Workshop March 27-29, 2007
Tutorials March 26, 2007

Manhattan Beach Marriott
Manhattan Beach, California



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Tutorial D
Integrated Hardware and Software Reliability and Availability Modeling for Software Intensive Ground Systems
Half Day
8 A.M. - 11:30 A.M.
System reliability and availability have always been very important to ground systems. Over the past two decades, software has grown dramatically in complexity in such systems, and architectures have evolved from centralized mainframe-based systems to LAN-based client server systems and now to service oriented architectures. At the same time, hardware has become more reliable and as a result, software failures are becoming the dominant cause of system failures. Unfortunately, reliability modeling and analysis techniques developed in the 1960s have not kept pace with this trend.

This talk will describe approaches for assessment of complex distributed real time systems used in mission critical or safety critical applications. We will demonstrate the combined use of traditional system reliability assessment techniques with software static and reliability growth models to enable the prediction of whether such systems will meet their reliability and availability requirements, and demonstrate how such an integrated model can be used for system level tradeoffs (e.g., redundancy vs. test time). Successive generations of both system and software reliability prediction methods and tools have been developed since the early 1970s. However, these techniques assumed that the software executed in a single module or node, and are therefore not sufficient to address the needs of current complex systems that that incorporate both COTS and developmental software, COTS hardware, and Internet Wide Area Networks (WANs), all of which contribute to system downtime.
Myron Hecht, The Aerospace Corporation

Myron Hecht is a Senior Engineering Specialist at the Aerospace Corporation where he works on software and system reliability and system safety issues on satellite and space programs. He has participated in the acquisition of multiple large software intensive National Security Space systems concentrating on the software, reliability, and safety aspects. This presentation is a result of this experience. His research interests include architectural and software reliability, and software fault tolerance, and he has previously worked in the domains of air traffic control and nuclear energy. Mr. Hecht is an author of 80 publications and holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in nuclear engineering, an M.B.A., and a J.D. degree all from UCLA.

Who Should Attend:
Intended audience: Program office and non-reliability experts interested in understanding how reliability requirements can be allocated, modeled, and assessed on complex software intensive systems

Prerequisite knowledge: General system engineering background


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