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February 28, 2005

GSAW2005 Tutorial Information

Tutorial E
Information Assurance for DoD Ground Systems
Half Day
8 A.M. - 11:30 A.M.
A new series of DoD issuances provides an updated framework for achieving Information Assurance (IA) in the Global Information Grid (GIG). This tutorial starts with an overview IA policy and procedures applicable to all DoD information systems followed by an examination of DoD IA policy specific to space systems. Next, two new IA processes - DIACAP and CDS - will be presented. DIACAP is the forthcoming IA certification and accreditation process and is the replacement for DITSCAP. The Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) process, which is an integral part of IA certification and accreditation, addresses the interfaces between information systems in different domains. This tutorial offers significant value in contributing to the successful space system acquisition and implementation of information assurance.
Charles Lavine and Timothy Lelesi,
The Aerospace Corporation

Timothy Lelesi has worked in the Information Assurance industry for over 10 performing vulnerability assessments and system security engineering. In 2003, he joined The Aerospace Corporation’s Trusted Computer Security Department where he performs system security engineering and assessments for major space system programs.

Charles Lavine has worked in the Information Assurance industry for the past 15 years—all at the Aerospace Corporation. He has participated in the NSA’s product evaluation programs as well as performing system security engineering support for space systems. Mr. Lavine is the Director of Aerospace’s Trusted Computer Systems Department.

Who Should Attend:
The ideal student is someone who needs to specify, design, operate, or evaluate a DoD network or information system. A goal of this tutorial is to provide a high level understanding of the DoD’s new IA direction and primary policy and processes associated with it.

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