March 29 - April 1, 2004
Manhattan Beach Marriott
Manhattan Beach, California
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GSAW2004 Presentation Guide
March 30 - April 1, 2004

Dear GSAW Presenter,

Thank you for participating in GSAW2004. The following guidelines will help you in producing charts and successfully presenting them at the workshop. These guidelines apply to both the plenary and breakout sessions except where noted.

Session Chair: Your Session Chair will be contacting you soon to discuss the information below and to act as your liaison to the conference. Please ensure that you understand the guidelines detailed here and address any questions you may have to your Session Chair or to

Submittal: Prior to March 1, 2004, email an electronic copy of your briefing charts to

Final Distribution and Presentation Clearance: Papers are not required and will not be published. Your presentation slides will be posted on the GSAW website ( and distributed to workshop attendees on CDROM a few weeks after the workshop. Please ensure there is no classified information in your presentation! Note that this is a public website readable by anyone with access to the Internet and that foreign nationals will be in attendance at the workshop. Since your organization may have concerns about security or proprietary information, check to see if your briefing charts need to be cleared for publication. You should begin the clearance process as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss any deadlines. GSAW personnel are not responsible for verifying the classification level of your presentation.

Speaker Release and Consent: Presenters of accepted abstracts will receive a Speaker Release and Consent Form that must be signed and returned to us by March 1, 2004. This form allows us to include your presentation on the CDROM and to post your presentation material to the GSAW website. The form can be faxed to 310-336-7612 Attention: GSAW2004 c/o Sharon Garst.

Select to download Speaker Release and Consent form .

Time Allotted for Plenary Presenters: Speakers presenting in the plenary session are scheduled to speak for 15 minutes with five minutes allowed for questions and answers from the audience. On the table next to the presentation computer there will be a small box with a series of lights. The lights will come on at the following times:

Green = Three minutes remaining
Yellow = 90 seconds remaining
Red = End presentation and start Q&A
Blinking Red = 1 minute into Q&A session

There will be a sign near the timer that will provide the above times. At the conclusion of your presentation or at the 15-minute mark (whichever comes first), your Session Chair will step closer to the podium. The Chair is responsible for seeing that your presentation and Q&A session end on time. The Chair will run the Q&A by calling on people from the audience and will end the session when the time limit is reached. GSAW is tightly scheduled, so PLEASE stick to your time allocation.

Time Allotted for Breakout Presenters: Speakers presenting in a breakout group will be contacted by his or her breakout chair for time allotment and other details.

Resources: Both plenary and breakout presentations will be hosted on an Intel-based notebook computer containing Windows 2000, Office 2000, CDROM, and floppy drive. A computer projector and an overhead projector for transparencies will be available. Plenary presenters will be provided with a lapel microphone and a control for advancing the slides. For breakouts, if you must bring your own equipment (e.g., notebook, projector, drive) for your presentation, you must notify us in advance so that we can identify potential problems.

The microphone works best when the antenna unit is clipped to a belt and the microphone itself is attached near the center of your chest. You should consider this in your presentation attire.

Requested Format: Charts produced by the PC version of Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 are preferred. If you require some other application to view your charts, please contact us well in advance of the March 1 deadline. Please note that charts produced with PowerPoint 97 or PowerPoint XP may not be fully compatible with 2000 (especially if your slides are animated). In creating your slides, note that the presentation room is large and you should consider this in your selection of fonts, diagram size, etc. A 20-point font is recommended.

Although the GSAW organizers work very hard to ensure that all presentations are in working order and on the necessary computers, we would suggest that you bring a diskette containing your presentation as a backup. Although discouraged, if you bring an updated version of your presentation to GSAW, a 3-1/2” floppy disk is preferred. Although we can read USB flash memory, CD-R, CD-RW, and Iomega Zip disk (100/250/750), we cannot guarantee the ability to read them properly due to differences in production methods. Bringing an updated presentation late will be at your own risk.

“Slide Driving”: Plenary presenters will be given a control for remotely advancing their charts. This controller will have three buttons for “Next Slide”, “Previous Slide”, and laser pointer. If preferred, we can advance the charts for you but you are reminded that only you are familiar with the charts and you will have to cue the PC operator. Slides with animation are particularly troublesome when someone other than the presenter is advancing them. If you require us to advance your slides, please inform us with your submission and prior to your session at GSAW.

Plenary speaker biography: Your Session Chair will spend a maximum of 30 seconds to introduce you at the workshop. Plenary speakers must prepare a few sentences of biographical material for this introduction. Your Session Chair will be contacting you sometime before GSAW to collect this information. Also, please ensure that you clarify the pronunciation of your name with your Session Chair.

Check-in: There will be a check-in desk in the main lobby of the hotel. Please check-in and obtain a badge. We use the check-in list to send you the CDROM after GSAW. There are no special security or escort requirements.

Registration: If you have not already registered for GSAW2004, please do so. We will be publishing a list of attendees, and we would like to make sure your information is complete and correct. Registration can be completed on-line at

Agenda: The GSAW2004 overview agenda will be posted at We will send you a message when the detailed agenda is available, and ask you to check it and let us know if any updates are necessary. If you are unable to access it, please let us know.

Hotel Reservations: If you have not already made hotel reservations, please note that the Manhattan Beach Marriott (800-228-9290 or 310-546-7511) will only hold rooms at the special GSAW2004 rate of $106 on a first-come, first-served basis until March 8. After that, reservations will be accommodated on a "space available" basis.

We appreciate your interest in GSAW2004. With your participation, we look forward to a very successful workshop!

GSAW2004 Program Committee

Select to download PDF Presentation Guidelines text .

Select to download Speaker Release and Consent form .


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