March 29 - April 1, 2004
Manhattan Beach Marriott
Manhattan Beach, California
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Call for Participation
March 30 - April 1, 2004 Workshop
March 29, 2004 Tutorials
Manhattan Beach Marriott, Manhattan Beach, CA
    CLICK HERE for Presentation Guidelines. 
The Aerospace Corporation

Air Force Space Command

Air Force Space and Missile
Systems Center

National Reconnaissance Office

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

University of Southern California
Center for Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Institute for Software Research
at the University of California,

Maj. Gen. Craig Cooning
Vice Commander,
Air Force Space and Missile
Systems Center

Barry Boehm
Director, University of Southern
California Center for Software

Kathy Kelly
Office of Satellite Operations,
National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration

Linda Northrop
Director, Product Line Systems
Program, Software Engineering

Rami Razouk
Associate General Manager,
Space Support Division

The Aerospace Corporation

Michael G. Ryschkewitsch
Deputy Director,
Applied Engineering and
Technology Directorate,
NASA Goddard Space Flight

Carl Sunshine
Principal Engineer,

The Aerospace Corporation

Lt. Gen. Eugene L. Tattini
(Ret. USAF)
Deputy Director, Jet Propulsion

Richard N. Taylor
Director, Institute for Software
Research at the University of
California, Irvine

GSAW2004 is the eighth in a series of annual workshops that explore software and system architecture issues for spacecraft ground systems. It is the forum for the world’s spacecraft ground system experts to share experiences with other ground system users, developers, and researchers through presentations, working groups, and panel discussions. GSAW2004 will highlight new ideas and lessons learned in the creation, application, and evaluation of architectures to meet the technological challenges of ground systems. The workshop’s affiliation with government and civilian institutions provides an unparalleled opportunity to advance the state of practice and research in architectures for spacecraft ground systems.

Technical sessions will address methodologies, lessons learned, business cases, and advanced technologies for topics including:

  • Architectural representation and analysis
  • Standards and interoperability
  • Off-the-shelf, open source components, software reuse, and product lines
  • Program management, including risk and life cycle issues
  • System security and information assurance
  • Software and mission assurance, system integration, and testing
  • Space and ground communication architectures
  • Space and ground trades
  • Flexibility and reliability
  • Operations and sustainment concepts

Submit an abstract describing the results of your work, work in progress, or case studies relevant to one or more of the workshop’s focus issues. Abstracts must not exceed three pages in length and should summarize the claims, scope, methodology, and generality of the work. Abstracts must include a cover page with the following information: (1) title of the abstract; (2) names and affiliations of the author(s); (3) address and telephone number of the contact author; and (4) focus issue(s) addressed in the abstract.

CLICK HERE for Presentation Guidelines.

Submit proposals for working group sessions related to any of the focus issues of the workshop. Proposals must not exceed two pages in length and should contain the following information: (1) title of the working group; (2) names and affiliations of the organizer(s)/chair(s); (3) address and telephone number of the organizer; (4) a description of the topic and format of the working group; and if possible, (5) a list of potential panelists.

New for GSAW2004! The GSAW program committee is considering adding tutorials to the GSAW2004 program on March 29, the day before the regular workshop program begins, and we are seeking proposals for educational, motivating, instructive tutorials for the GSAW2004 attendees on topics related to the GSAW2004 theme and focus issues.

Tutorial proposals must contain the following information: (1) title; (2) names and affiliations of the instructor(s); (3) address, email, and telephone number of the instructor(s); (4) a single page description of the tutorial including a detailed course outline and technical abstract; (5) tutorial length (full day or half day); (6) what the participants should expect to learn; (7) description of intended participants and prerequisite knowledge, (8) expected/desired number of participants; (9) list of materials to be provided by the instructors; (10) a biography of the instructor(s) (100-200 words); (11) if the tutorial or an earlier version has been given before, please indicate the event(s), date(s) and contents.


  • Submission of abstracts, working group proposals, and tutorial proposals:
    December 1, 2003
  • Notification of acceptance: January 5, 2004
  • Submission of accepted abstract presentations: March 1, 2004
  • E-mail address for submissions and inquires:
  • Telephone contact: Sharon Garst (310) 336-3471

Please send all abstracts and proposals by e-mail to Accepted abstracts will be the basis for presentations within general sessions and/or specific working group sessions. All plenary presentations and summaries of the working groups will be available on the GSAW Web site and will be published on a CD-ROM distributed to registered attendees. The language of the workshop will be English.

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