Draft Agenda
USC-CSE Focused Workshop on Software Architectures II
Seaver Science Auditorium, USC

Wednesday, Nov. 12

7:30-8:15			Continental Breakfast
8:15-9:00	Boehm		Overview; Architecture and Business Case
9:00-9:25	Balzer		TBD
9:25-9:50	Wile 		TBD
9:50-10:20			Break
10:20-10:45	Rechtin		System Architecting Update
10:45-11:10	Port		Object-Oriented Architecting
11:10-11:35	Belz		Product Line and Domain Architectures I
11:35-12:00	Kerner		Product Line and Domain Architectures II
12:00-1:20			Lunch and Demos 
1:20-1:45	Affiliates	Affiliate Talks: Product Line Architecting
     1:45-2:10			Linda Northrop, SEI;
     2:10-2:35			TBD, Hughes/Raytheon, CCPL;
     2:35-3:00			David Weiss, Lucent; TBD, EDS;
3:00-3:30			Break
3:30-3:55	Affiliates	Affiliate Talks: Key Architecture Topics
3:55-4:20			Philippe Kruchten, Rational;
4:20-4:45			Sriram Sankar, Sun;
4:45-5:10			Eric Mettela, MCC; Will Tracz, Lockheed-Martin
5:10-5:30	All		Determine Breakout Groups
4:45-5:30                       Breakout Groups Organize
5:30-7:00			Reception, Faculty Center

Thursday, November 13

7:30-8:15			Continental Breakfast
8:15-9:30			DARPA and MCC Architecture Programs
     8:15-8:40	Salasin		DARPA Architecture Program Overview
     8:40-9:05  Luckham         Architecting with Rapide
     9:05-9:30  Mettala         Architecture-Driven Development: MCC - SSEP 
9:30-12:00			Breakout Groups
12:00-2:00			Lunch and Breakout Group Status Reports
2:00-5:00			Breakout Groups

Friday, Nov. 14

7:30-8:15			Continental Breakfast
8:15-10:30			Breakout Group Reports
10:30-11:30			USC Response; General Discussion

Candidate Breakout Groups (Moderator; Scribe)
Domain Architecting (Kerner; Gacek)
OO Architecting and View Integration (Port; Egyed)
Architecture Attribute Analysis (Boehm; Du, In)
Exploiting Architecture for Development (TBD)