USC Center for Software Engineering
Focused Workshop on Groupware for Software Engineering
June 5-7, 1996, USC Campus


Competitive pressures for rapid software cycle times and more user-responsive systems are increasing the demand for groupware support of software engineering. This involves a number of challenges:

1. Orchestrating the rapidly evolving technology: Internet, World Wide Web, multimedia, distributed database, mobile computing, and multi-user device (MUD) support.

2. Developing, representing, reconciling, and using models of collaboration (JAD, RAD, QFD, Integrated Product Teams, Win-Win) and models of the application domain.

3. Dealing with people factors, particularly involving multiple levels and types of expertise (users, customers, developers, managers, specialists); multiple corporate and national cultures, cultural change, group dynamics, education and training.

The workshop will follow the general Focused Workshop Objectives and Guidelines provided below. The next version of this announcement will provide specific preparation milestone dates and a more detailed agenda.