COCOMO® 2.0 Overview

The USC Center for Software Engineering's Focused Workshop on COCOMO® 2.0 was held on May 16-18, 1995 as part of the USC-CSE Affiliates' Program. Over 30 attendees participated in this workshop from the Center's 29 Affiliates in academia, government, and industry.

Preparation for the workshop began in mid-April when the Center sent an issue paper to Affiliates requesting counter position papers a week before the start of the workshop. The issues raised in these papers were addressed as part of the workshop.

The morning of the first day of the workshop was an overview of the current status of COCOMO® 2.0 research:

Several Affiliates made presentations in the early afternoon on topics that were relevant to this workshop: On the afternoon of the first day of the workshop, breakout groups were formed to discuss and make recommendations on the issues most popular with the Affiliates in attendance. The breakout group discussion topics were: The remainder of the workshop was spent in breakout groups. There was a cross-cutting issues session on the second day where all of the attendees gathered together and each breakout group presented their initial ideas on their discussion issue. A final report was presented by each group on the last day of the workshop, May 18th. After the breakout group presentations, Dr. Boehm presented a response to breakout group ideas.

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