Software Reuse Overview

This workshop was presented by Barry Boehm on October 18, 1994 before the Affiliates' presentations. This presentation by Dr. Boehm defined the context and objectives of the workshop.

In this October 18 presentation, an overview of the workshop was presented including its objectives. The first objective of the workshop was to assess new directions in software reuse technology. The second objective was to provide guidelines for USC-CSE research as well as Affiliates' activities. The last objective was to stimulate the collaboration between the Affiliates and USC-CSE in the software reuse area.

Several reuse issues were raised in the areas of DSSA-based reuse, reuse economics, asset management, and object-oriented reuse. These included determining the breadth of a reuse domain, discussing critical cost-benefit drivers, cost/risk assessment for COTS reuse, adapting assets to architecture evolution, and how inheritance and polymorphism affect reuse.

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