USC-CSE Focused Workshop:
Software Architectures
June 7-9, 1994

Tuesday, June 7

*       Presentations and Discussions
-       Summary of participants' position papers
-       Update of Candidate Issues for Discussion
-       USC-CSE Architecture Research Update
-       Domain Specific Software Architectures (DSSA's): Aerospace, Hughes,
	HP, Rockwell-Collins?, Loral?
-       Architecture representation:  AT&T, Lockheed
-       Infrastructure technology:  TRW, EDS, AT&T
-       Architecting process:  SPC, HP
-       Attendees' issue positions

*       Issue categorization; group formation
Wednesday, June 8

*       Breakout group discussions
-       DSSA's
-       Architecture representation
-       Infrastructure technology
-       Architecting process

*       Early afternoon:  Breakout group summaries; cross-cutting issues

*       Continue breakout group discussions
Thursday, June 9 (half day)

*       Wrap up breakout group summaries

*       Presentation, discussion of breakout group summaries

*       USC-CSE and other actions

*       Discussion of workshop structure, future workshop topics