Preliminary Agenda
USC-CSE Focused Workshop:
Software Engineering and System Engineering
Seaver Science Auditorium, USC Campus
June 24-26, 1998

Wednesday, June 24

7:30-8:15		Continental Breakfast
8:15-10:15	USC-CSE Presentations
8:15-8:45		Boehm		Overview, Objectives, and Issues
8:45-9:15		Rechtin		System and Software Architecting 
9:15-9:45		Port		USC Digital Library 
					System/Software Experience
9:45-10:15		Balzer		Advanced System/Software
					Engineering Tools

10:15-10:45		Break

10:45-12:15	Affiliate Experiences
10:45-11:15		Novak		Aerospace Concept Design Center
11:15-11:45		Hantos		Integrating System and Software
					Engineering in Xerox
11:45-12:15		Maymir-Ducharme	Lessons Learned in Applying the
					Tri-Life Cycle Engineering Process	

12:10-1:00		Lunch

1:00-2:30	System/Software Process Integration	
1:00-1:30		Pyster		The FAA Integrated CMM
1:30-2:00		Bate		The DoD CMM Integration Approach
2:00-2:30		Hefner		Integrated Software/System CMM's:
					An Industry View

2:30-2:45		Break
2:45-4:00	Panel: Critical Issues	
			Axelband (USC; ex-Hughes; INCOSE Board)
			Kirschbaum (AF/SMC Director of System Engineering)
			Pittler (Motorola VP - Research and Technology)

4:00-4:15		Break

4:15-4:30	Form Breakout Groups. Candidate Topics:
			1. System vs. Product-Line Engineering
			2. Integrated Software and System Engineering Process
			3. Groupware and Tool Support
			4. Education and Training for Practitioners and Clients

4:30-5:30	Breakout Groups Organize

5:30-7:30	Reception: USC Faculty Center

Thursday, June 25

7:30-8:15		Continental Breakfast

8:15-8:30		Plenary Kickoff

8:30-12:00		Breakout Groups

12:00-2:00		Lunch and Breakout Group Progress Reports

2:00-			Breakout Groups

Friday, June 26

7:30-8:00		Continental Breakfast

8:00-10:30		Breakout Group Summaries (break included)

10:30-11:30		USC Response and Discussion

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