Software Engineering Knowledge Acquisition and Management
Davidson Conference Center, USC Campus
Los Angeles, CA
February 10, 1999

The topic for the Executive Workshop will be Software Engineering Knowledge Acquisition and Management. Many of our Affiliates are formulating corporate knowledge asset management strategies in software engineering or other areas, including lifelong learning and corporate knowledge automation. At USC-CSE, we are finding increased demand for SE graduate courses, distance learning, and certificate programs. We are trying to sort out what delivery mechanisms are best suited to SE, and what types of education and training are best done by corporations, by universities, and by commercial organizations such as Learning Tree.

The Executive Workshop will feature executive perspectives on these issues from Dr. Alan Salisbury, CEO of Learning Tree, Dr. Steve Cross, Director of the SEI, Prof. Len Silverman, our Dean of Engineering, and several executives from our Affiliate organizations. Our commercial, aerospace, and government Affiliates are becoming increasing engaged with the nurturing and accessibility of their corporate software engineering (and other) knowledge resources. With the increasing pace of change in information technology and associated software engineering best practices, these knowledge resources--both human and automated--are the keys to competitive success and cost-effective delivery of public services.

Creating and sustaining these Software Engineering resources creates major challenges in such areas as:

At USC, we have been increasingly addressing issues of distance learning, continuing education, and automating delivery of software engineering knowledge. With this workshop, we wish to explore with Affiliate executives and complementary software engineering knowledge providers (commercial education and training providers; tool and methodology providers; nonprofits and consortia) how this picture is likely to unfold, and where are the best places for university education and research to contribute.


Wednesday, February 10

8:15 - 10:00 am  Overview Presentations

Dr. Len Silverman, Dean of Engineering, USC
Dr. Barry Boehm, Director, USC-CSE
Dr. Steve Cross, Director, CMU-SEI
Dr. Alan Salisbury, CEO, Learning Tree

10:30 am - 12:00 noon  Panel: Commercial Sector Issues and Initiatives

Dr. Robert Martin, VP, Lucent
Mike Sweeney, VP, EDS
Dr. Rich DeMillo, VP, Bellcore
Dr. Emil Sarpa, VP, Sun
Walker Royce, VP, Rational

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm  Panel: Aerospace Sector Issues and Initiatives

Dr. Art Pyster, Chief Scientist-SW, FAA
Dr. David Evans, Aerospace
Dr. Rick Hefner, TRW
Wayne Sebera, VP, Litton

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm  Emerging Technology

Doug Rosenberg, President, Iconix
Prof. Dan Port, USC-CSE
Dr. Tony Wasserman, CEO, Software Methods and Tools
Prof. Lewis Johnson, USC-ISI
Judd Neale, CEO, SPC